Courses, Seminars, Clinics of Krav Maga

Specially developed training program offered to your school to develop and advance your students and Instructors. Deepen your horizons with new perspective of the essence of Self Defense. Introduce the practicality and simplicity of safety.
Based on development and the experience of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Specially designed courses:


  • Law Enforcement.

  • Ladies Self Defense.

  • Practical Self Defense to the public.

  • The use of daily tools for Self Defense.

  • Safety at home and safety in your car.

  • Special Course of Knife fighting (only for Security Personals and Black Belts)

  • PR28, Police Baton.

Any specially tailored course can be ordered to any special requirement.

Official international instructors accreditation courses:



  • Assistant Instructor C class

  • Assistant Instructors B class

  • Assistant Instructors A class

  • Instructors 3rd. level

  • Instructors 2nd. Level

  • Instructors 1st. level


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