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krav maga choke simluation

Krav Maga

Israeli system of military self defence  - "krav maga"

The system is developed by the experts of the Israeli Defense Forces. It is understood during the early years that self defense training must be an integral part of the training curriculum in all security forces.


KRAV MAGA is a simple Hebrew term for "hand to hand combat".

The reason is mainly practical, but also benefits controlling and developing agressivety, motivations and will power.The system is a collection of specified, systematized principles, of physical and mental behavior under stress conditions of physical violence. All actions, has been specially designed to answer the special needs of The system is developed by the experts of the Israeli Defense Forces.


All special techniques of the system is build and developed on the solid base of learning and researching natural, intuitive human reaction to physical act of violence.


The Krav Maga is not a Martial Art !!! It is a system of simplified self defense principles, that giving you the best tools to use yourselves as a practical weapon, bearing in mind that is a very limited time to achieve the minimum needed to be safe. It is a fact that Krav Maga can not come in the place of Martial Art. Martial Arts needs life long exercise and training and the outcome is different and not equal to the limited aims of Krav Maga.

However it has to be realized that Krav Maga is the ultimate tool to develop the needed requirements of Self Defense from a soldier, policeman or security personal. Krav Maga gain great popularity because of it's simplicity and clear frames.


Courses can be tailored to any need. Different curriculum for the requirements of the police or a special army unit or private bodyguard Course. Special features included in the curriculum of Krav Maga courses for ladies, children or elderly people.